Naturopathy good health by nature

This nature cure and yoga centre run by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Kottiyam, Quilon invites you To Return to nature and to Regain your Health, Vigour Vitality.

Salient Features of our Hospital

RESIDENT Nature Cure doctor (B.N.Y.S.) available in the centre round the clock. Specially prepared diet according to naturopathic regulations. Full-time service of doctor according to naturopathic regulations. Separate facilities for treatment and accommodation for male and female patients. Regular yoga classes for patients and outside people Treatment and rejuvenation packages are available at reasonable charges. Duration of treatment 10-21 days depending on the patient's health needs. The treatment is based on Herbal treatment, Yoga, Massage, Hydrotherapy, acupuncture, Steam-bath, Herbal Kizhis, Mud-bath, Physiotherapy, food Supplement therapy and Dietary changes